LAAS Current Business Turbo Register

This searchable data file is based on the annual LAAS publication Business Aircraft of the World - Jets and Turboprops (published in January each year) and is updated at the end of each month with that month's changes, which will then also be published in Aviation News & Review. The Business Turbo Register includes:

All turbo models, both twin and single.

How to use the Business Turbo Register

Pull Down Lists:

Country; giving a complete list of both civil and military of that country.

Generic type; for example all the Be90 models.

Detailed Search, by selecting one option button and then entering either:

Registration; can be full or part (particularly useful for all those annoying engine-cover occasions)

Construction number; again, can be full or part numbers

Some comments on the registrations

Aircraft on various South American and African registers continue to be problematic and where no further details have become available a number of aircraft are included under the country given as the reason for cancellation from the US register. Similarly there are a number of confirmed sightings of aircraft that have not been tied up and these are included without con no detail. The FAA files themselves are strewn with registrations for aircraft that have long since been sold or scrapped. Whilst every effort has been made to weed out those aircraft no longer in use some will clearly have escaped the net. Likewise, wherever possible, stolen aircraft that remain missing have also been deleted.

Post September 11th, internet access to the official AMARC listings was withdrawn so we are relying on offical information as of July 2001 and unofficial information thereafter.


Information comes from many sources including the CAA’s G-INFO and FAA’s N-Number Inquiry, the official Australian, Brazilian, Canadian, Danish, Dutch, New Zealand, South African, Swedish and Swiss authority websites, AMCARonline’s frequent updates, Aerodata, Air Britain, AVDB, Scramble, TCUO, and FlightAware. The website itself generates a great deal of input from world-wide sources, too numerous to mention individually but very welcome nonetheless. Credit must also be given to Richard Balfre for his web-mastering. Finally, to all those that supplied individual bits of information on new sightings on the Internet lists, including the Bizjet, Luton and Farnborough lists.

Any additional information, corrections, comments, etc are welcome as are new sightings throughout the year or photos for future use - please send them to


As usual this site comes with the customary post 9/11 warning to exercise caution - bizjet FBOs are invariably some of the less flexible areas at airports so please use common sense when viewing/noting things down.