LAAS Current Corporate Jet Register


RegistrationAircraft TypeConstruction NumberNotes
CANXGulfstream II177wfu ex 5N-BGV, 5N-BLV, 5N-AGV
CANXGulfstream IISP120ex N711VL, C-GTEW
CANXGulfstream IITT216wfu ex HZ-HA1
CANXGulfstream II179 wfu ex HZ-PCA
CANXGulfstream II141wfu ex JA8431
CANXGulfstream II62ex N128KG
CANXGulfstream IISP153wfu ex N132FP
CANXGulfstream IISP253wfu ex N522HS, N16YY, XA-GEG, XB-LHW, N915C, N154C
CANXGulfstream IIB140ex N159NB
CANXGulfstream IIB148ex N180AR
CANXGulfstream IISP59b/u ex N1823D
CANXGulfstream IISP29ex N188JS
CANXGulfstream IISP228ex N189WS
CANXGulfstream IISP190ex N190CS
CANXGulfstream II71ex N200EL, N200AB
CANXGulfstream IISP145wfu ex N226RM
CANXGulfstream II21ex PP-EMS, N244DM
CANXGulfstream IISP45ex N250MS
CANXGulfstream IISP227ex N264CL Donated to NVOC Aviation Van Nuys
CANXGulfstream II84Destroyed ex N27SL
CANXGulfstream IIB131 wfu ex N2JR
CANXGulfstream II3wfu ex N300RD, N300GP, N555RS, N311JJ, N214GP, N831GA
CANXGulfstream IISP100ex N400D
CANXGulfstream IISP110ex N417EK
CANXGulfstream IISP61ex N41AV Instructional Airframe Sth Georgia Tech
CANXGulfstream IIB155wfu ex N471GG, N477GG
CANXGulfstream II181b/u ex N48CQ
CANXGulfstream IIB255ex N4NR
CANXGulfstream IISP26wfu ex ZS-PYY ex N4RT
CANXGulfstream IITT234p/o ex N500JW
CANXGulfstream II49ex N511BA N33EN ntu
CANXGulfstream IISP130ex N666SA, A6-PHY, N512SD
CANXGulfstream IISP247w/o ex N530GA
CANXGulfstream II65ex N58JF
CANXGulfstream IISP19b/u ex ZS-LOG, N590CH
CANXGulfstream IISP150 p/o ex ZS-TPG, N60GU
CANXGulfstream II134ex N628HC
CANXGulfstream II90ex N671LW
CANXGulfstream IISP69wfu ex XC-LKA ex XA-MEM/N701S
CANXGulfstream IIB189ex N711MQ
CANXGulfstream IISP209 p/o ex N720DR, N277T
CANXGulfstream IISP74p/o ex N74HH
CANXGulfstream IIB166p/o ex ZS-DGW, N776MA
CANXGulfstream II187ex N802CC
CANXGulfstream IITT246ex N81RR
CANXGulfstream IISP210ex N826GW Instructional Airframe Mohawk Valley Tech.
CANXGulfstream II128ex N829NL
CANXGulfstream IITT235ex N840RG
CANXGulfstream IIB254ex N868SM
CANXGulfstream IISP159p/o ex N510AG, N880RJ
CANXGulfstream IIB98 wfu ex N44YS, N982B, N883ES
CANXGulfstream IISP158ex N889JC
CANXGulfstream IISP121wfu ex N892TM
CANXGulfstream II43b/u ex XC-LKM, N899GA
CANXGulfstream IIB151wfu ex YV569T, N909JE
CANXGulfstream IISP91wfu ex XC-LKS, XB-KIV, N914MH
CANXGulfstream IIB198p/o ex N91NA
CANXGulfstream II144ex N944NA,
CANXGulfstream II147(ex N947NA) preserved NASA Houston
CANXGulfstream II185ex N950NA
CANXGulfstream IISP191wfu ex N951RK
CANXGulfstream IIB32ex N200AQ ex N971EQ
CANXGulfstream IISP204ex N659WL, VP-CPA
CANXGulfstream IIB207ex N4UB ex VP-CUB
CANXGulfstream II195p/o ex N195AR, XA-ILV
CANXGulfstream II229p/o ex N117FJ
CANXGulfstream IIB9ex N129WA, N48EC
CANXGulfstream IITT233ex N720LH, N233RS
CANXGulfstream IISP117wfu ex N750RA, N7500
CANXGulfstream IISP53Destroyed ex N104VV, N104CD, N102AB
CANXGulfstream IISP211wfu ex XA-UVQ, XA-UTP, XA-FNY, N7079N, VP-BGT
CANXGulfstream II197wfu ex N608MD ex N5117H
CANXGulfstream IISP101ex N412JT ex N512JT
CANXGulfstream II251ex N933RD ex N251JS
CANXGulfstream IITT238ex N72BP, N335H (Instructional A/F Tarrant County College TX)
CANXGulfstream II20ex N88LN, N747NB
CANXGulfstream IISP132 wfu ex N400M
CANXGulfstream 2SP93wfu ex N922MR, N396BC, N484TL
CANXGulfstream IIB48 (FAA 048)ex N865AA, N61WE, N61WH
CANXGulfstream IISP213Destroyed by Fire ex N213X, N96JA
CANXGulfstream IISP89ex N98WJ, N36MW
CANXGulfstream IIB123ex N868DS ex N368DS/N344AB
CANXGulfstream II184ex N777RW , N254CR
CANXGulfstream IISP214(wfu x N707KD, N914KB, N914KA
CANXGulfstream IIB237p/o ex N302DP, N237RF, EC-FRV
CANXGulfstream IISP244ex N811DE, N811DF
CANXGulfstream II157ex N468HW, N683EC
CANXGulfstream II205wfu ex N345GL, N623BM, N205BL, N1000
CANXGulfstream IISP226wfu ex N355KM, N448PC, N5DL
CANXGulfstream II50wfu ex N650KA, N229JR
CANXGulfstream IISP241ex N380AC, N909FK, N909MK
CANXGulfstream IIB75ex 0010 ex N211SJ impounded by Venezualan AF
CANXGulfstream II5p/o ex N3LH, N34S, N655TJ
CANXGulfstream IISP168wfu ex N501JV, N318SP
CANXGulfstream IISP92ex N888YZ, N374PS, N629TD
CANXGulfstream IISP192ex N192WF ex N192FG
CANXGulfstream 2TT224ex N860PM ex N800PM
CANXGulfstream IISP94ex N665SF, YV3233, N665SF, N18AQ
CANXGulfstream IISP221ex N805NA, N949NA
CANXGulfstream IIB199w/o ex XA-? N511TL, N338CL, N900TJ
CANXGulfstream IISP225ex N169MM, N450MH
CANXGulfstream II152WFU ex N559L, N559LC
CANXGulfstream IISP33ex N747JX, N747NB/N926NY
CANXGulfstream II77wfu ex N277GS, N994GC
CANXGulfstream IISP248ex N457BE ex N71WJ/N70WG ntu/N7WG/N248TH
CANXGulfstream IISP27dest ex XB-NRX, N227BA, N227TS
CANXGulfstream IISP67ex ZS-WHG wfu EX N568TN
CANXGulfstream II13b/u ex N169HM, N269HM,VR-BOS,N373LB,N373LP,N2GP,5N-AMN
CANXGulfstream II176ex N959QP, N550WP, N794SC, N794SB, N15UG, N15UC, N176SB
CANXGulfstream II2b/u ex N902GT, N434JW, N721SW, N869CS, N369CS, N801GA
CANXGulfstream II4wfu ex N36RR, N8490P, HZ-MPM, VR-CAS, 9K-ACY,
CANXGulfstream II6b/u ex N122DU, N122DJ, N430R, N834GA
CANXGulfstream II7b/u ex N701JA, N188NP, N93QQ, N9300, C-FHOG
CANXGulfstream IISP8b/u ex N225MS, N267PS, ZS-TGG, S9-GOT, S9-CRH, D2-EXD
CANXGulfstream IISP10b/u ex N900CE, N750AG, XB-PJL, N667CX, N51TJ
CANXGulfstream IISP163wfu ex N117JJ, N117JA, PJ-ABA,
CANXGulfstream IIB139wfu ex N139CF
CANXGulfstream IISP212p/o ex N706TJ
CANXGulfstream II63ex N12GP, N17ND, N149JW, N239P, N238U, N835GA
5A-DDSGulfstream II242
9Q-CJDGulfstream IIB73EX N1B EX N436JW/7P-TCB/3D-TCB/N436JW
A9C-BGGulfstream IITT202
CN-ANLGulfstream IITT182
E3-AATGulfstream II160ex N241MH/N1123G
F-Gulfstream II111ex N900DH, N900BR, N765A, N13LB, N10LB, N815GA
FAE-1033Gulfstream IISP258ex N689JE, N87GS, N437H
HI871Gulfstream IIB154ex N719SQ/N719SA/N110GD
N18KWGulfstream II28ex N17KW
N24YSGulfstream IIB16
N30HEGulfstream 2SP51ex N20HE EX N20H EX N20HE
N30PRGulfstream II35
N36PNGulfstream IIB42
N55RGGulfstream IISP1Preserved Carolinas Aviation Museum
N74AGulfstream IIB36
N74RTGulfstream IIB219
N82CRGulfstream IISP80ex N510RH
N105TBGulfstream II31
N137GJGulfstream II25ex YV1681/N711RZ
N148VGulfstream IIB54
N164PAGulfstream IIB257ex N1159B, N1CC, N56D, N911WW, N411WW, N872E
N165PAGulfstream IIB775ex N692EB
N178BGulfstream IIB125
N189PAGulfstream II108EX N183PA EX N900AK/N200GH
N202PXGulfstream IISP17ex N143V
N227LAGulfstream IISP193ex N117LB, N227LA
N311BDGulfstream IITT236
N492JTGulfstream IISP82preserved Warner Robins Museum, GA
N511PKGulfstream IIB102ex N102CX
N540EAGulfstream IISP174
N668JTGulfstream II162
N721CNGulfstream IISP206ex N900BF
N748MNGulfstream IISP215
N779LCGulfstream IIB88ex N80WD
N892QMGulfstream IISP78ex HP-1691, HP-1A, N90HH, C-FIOT, PH-FJP, N17585
N945NAGulfstream II118preserved Huntsville AL
N945PKGulfstream IIB165ex N696MJ/N183V
N946NAGulfstream II146preserved Texas Air and Space Museum, Amarillo
N948NAGulfstream II222preserved Pima Air and Space Museum
N1218CGulfstream IISP99
N2000Gulfstream IISP56ex N690PC
N10123Gulfstream IITT107
TT-AAIGulfstream II240
XA-Gulfstream II196ex N213JA, N829GL, N619MC, N610MC
XA-Gulfstream IIB245ex N222NP, N222NB
XA-Gulfstream II161ex N735TG, XA-AHC, XA-AHM
XA-CVSGulfstream IISP167ex N868AG/N368AG
XB-KFUGulfstream II24ex N800XL
XB-MUXGulfstream IISP180EX N416CG/N702JA
XB-OCCGulfstream IISP112ex N168DA ex N168VA
XB-ORWGulfstream IISP97ex XB-RRC, N25GJ/N55HY
XB-PFKGulfstream IISP169ex XA-UVO, N467AN, N467AM, N169EA
XC-AA70Gulfstream II18
XC-LKNGulfstream IIB30ex XB-KCX impounded for drug smuggling/XB-KBO/XA-STT
XC-PFT/PF-210Gulfstream IISP175
YV-Gulfstream II138ex N6JW
ZS-DJAGulfstream IIB156ex N864YD, N83TE
ZS-MMGGulfstream IISP85ex N598GS/N524MM