This page provides the latest news and rumours that may be of interest to aviation enthusiasts. All items are vetted by LAAS before being published in order to ensure validity and accuracy.


Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing LAAS Information on the Internet

In order to make everyone aware of the wealth of information available from LAAS on the Internet and enable them to access it, a Step-by-Step Guide has been produced. It assumes minimal familiarity with computers. It uses the main LAAS Website page as the base for accessing all the information. The Guide details how to access password-protected pages and how to set up a Google Account and a Facebook Account in order to access the LAAS e-Group and Facebook Group.

Click here to read PDF Guide:

LAAS Chairman's Message

As I write this, we are in unprecedented times with only one priority: our health and that of our loved ones.

Already we are seeing near empty skies and the events we enjoy every year being cancelled. Our usual way of life is on hold. Our immediate response is to clarify our position. Publication of our magazine is planned to continue, it is produced by the Editors working from home, then collated by Michael Tatner, then printed and posted. Each Member has their responsibility as well and that is to supply as much news as possible. The usual Magazine content will be depleted as movements tail off, airfields are closed, display reports cease as does Seen Overseas. Virtually every section of the magazine will be affected but we already have a plan. We have a backlog from Civil Aircraft Register Review, Industry News will replace Display Reports, we have a great article on using a computer to benefit your enjoyment of the hobby, with step by step guides. We are pulling out of the archives some of our old reports with news which we think could be of interest and give you something to read and dream about normality returning. Next month our cover photo will depict an aircraft from a bygone age, if you have interesting old photos and or any stories of ‘time gone past’ then please send them to our Co-Ordinating Editor, contact details are above.

All Aviation Enthusiasts Tours are postponed, it is planned that all will be re-run as soon as it is safe and possible to do so. Our Club Holiday in Turkey may take place later this year but in general it will be the same trips at the same times next year. The majority of hotels we use are being very co-operative and either refunding or agreeing to postpone our arrangements. All those who have bookings are being kept up to date with information and as you would expect every Member has been very understanding.

Our joint BBML/LAAS Balloon event at Pidley is cancelled, it will be re-run next year but at a new venue. The LGW2020 event where we had planned to be on April 19th is also cancelled and we will endeavour to keep you posted of other cancellations as they are announced. We will use the Club Egroup to spread as much news as we can and our AGM in South Wales is in limbo.

With all air shows and fly-ins cancelled, sales of our publications by mail order continue through or you can order by post.

But in outlining these issues the most important one is to stay safe, practice your Social Distancing, all the time, every time. I am now getting messages from Members who have the virus and are in hospital, we wish you a speedy recovery and thank all those who are risking their lives to be of help.