LAAS International

LAAS Current Corporate Turbo Register


RegistrationAircraft TypeConstruction NumberNotes
B/UCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1321(ex N26942)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1097(ex N87266)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1080(ex 9Q-CLD)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1067(ex VH-CEM)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1043(ex CANCELLED) (ex N98677)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1042(w/o ex HK-4981) (ex N98676)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0807(ex N406BK)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0640(ex J8-VBL)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0465(ex N521FA, N242V)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0924(wfu ex VH-ATY)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0435(ex N67886)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0355(ex N7802Q) (ex TF-JVH)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0352(wfu ex ARBV-0202) Venezualan Navy(ex ARV-0202)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0338(ex N522FA)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0855(ex N6958)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0310(ex N781EA)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0274(ex N274MR, F-GHJU)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0268(ex 5H-GTS)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0228(ex 5H-)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0204(scrapped ex ZS-PCS, C9-MEF)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0078(ex N811PW) Caught in Columbia on drug flight wearing N875NM 12/08
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0074(ex VQ-T) (ex N425RC)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0809(ex N957EA) (ex N3817C)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0040(ex N5775C)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0015canx as F-GOAT 5/2013
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0640(ex 5H-ZAL)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1347(ex N6384X)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1304(w/o as AP-BFG)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1229(ex N7162J)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1219(dbr ex HK-4990, N4173G)
CANXCessna 402B Businessliner402B1218(ex N402RC)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1025(ex 5H-CTH)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1018(ex VH-MAX)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0603(ex N603AB)
CANXCessna 402C Businessliner402C0528(ex N317)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0490(ex N251RC)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1249(ex N303PJ)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0593(ex YU-BIX)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0214(ex N7886Q)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0220(ex N3MZ)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0248(ex N3131K)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0363(ex N70JG)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0397(ex N7947Q)
CANXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0454(dbr ex RP-C2665)
CANXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0623(ex N402SA)
CANXCessna 402 Falcon402-1008(w/o ex ZU-TVB)
CANXCessna 402B402B0836(ex N403RM)
W/OCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0516dbr 2007 as C-GOGP canx 2012
W/OCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0106w/o as C6-BGJ 4/4/13
W/OCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0805(w/o as N419AR) 14/3/14 Florida)
W/OCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1307dbr as CP-2665 Trinidad 11/2011 (ex N4630G)
W/OCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0223(ex YV-O-CDO-2)
WFUCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0886(ex JA5256)
3C-DWYCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0209
5A-DGCCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0045
5A-DHGCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0464
5A-DHHCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0444
5A-DJACessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1206
5A-DKZCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0089
5H-ALLCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C1004
5H-IBMCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0407(ex 5H-SKB/5Y-IMS)
5H-ZANCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0824
5N-AIZCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0104
5N-APRCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0844
5N-ASWCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0237
5R-MDBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0572
5R-MGTCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0625
5R-MKSCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0014
5R-MVBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1380
5R-MVJCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0935
5U-AAVCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0373
5X-UWOCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0838
5Y-AOACessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0118
5Y-AUZCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0634
5Y-EASCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0574
5Y-HWSCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0386
5Y-KPFCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0425
5Y-PALCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0584
5Y-ZZZCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1238
8R-GEPCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1023
9J-ADRCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0224
9J-JVPCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0829(ex 5H-SKX)
9J-PMJCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0609
M27-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0919Malaysian AF
M27-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0916Malaysian AF
M27-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0906Malaysian AF
M27-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0899Malaysian AF
M27-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0891Malaysian AF
M27-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0889Malaysian AF
M27-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0882Malaysian AF
M27-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0871Malaysian AF
M27-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0873Malaysian AF
M27-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0869Malaysian AF(Registered between M27-02 to M27-12 but con no tie-up is not known)
9Q-CCBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0120
9Q-CCKCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0304
9Q-CMWCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0100
9Q-CUGCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0041
9Q-CUZCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1358
9V-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1357
9Y-TIYCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0285
AP-AYJCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0879
AP-BCVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0254
AP-BHSCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0415(ex ZS-MNA)
C-GDICCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1301
C-GGPXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0260
C-GSRLCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0027
C-GWRMCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0813
C-GXBLCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0888
C6-Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0628(ex N404BK) (ex N6764C)
C6-Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0476(ex N402RT)
C6-Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0259(ex N767PA)
C6-Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0093(ex N402NQ)
C6-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1019(ex N87193)
C6-Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0648ex N648RC, ZS-LMU
C6-Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0436(ex N67887) Restored
C6-BIACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0235(ex OB-1276)
C6-BPKCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0332(ex N442BK)
C6-FLACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0031(ex N5736C)
C6-FLMCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0353(ex N817PW)
C6-TASCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0051(ex N402TG 2001)
C9-AMFCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0043
C9-DERCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0354
C9-STACessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1216
C9-STBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0613
CC-CCBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1089currently damaged following wheels-up landing
CC-CFFCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0405(ex CC-CMI)
CC-CLVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0073
CC-CMRCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0324
CC-COVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0282
CC-CTPCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0239
CN-TKRCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0802(ex D-IBGF)
CP-2129Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C1012
CP-2597Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0897ex N5210J, 2009
FAB-021Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0614Fuerza A�rea Boliviana
CS-ARJCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0119
CS-ARLCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0318
CS-ARNCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0443
CS-DPSCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1040(ex N49JB)
CX-JYNCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1325(ex N6362X)
CX-TASCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0022
D-IBWFCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0221
D-IHLBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1340
D-INRHCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0583(ex G-MAPP)
D-ISAVCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0201
D-IYYYCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0461(ex OY-SUN)
EC-DKPCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0275
EC-EHPCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1232stored Valencia
EC-EKGCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1209stored Valencia
EC-EMHCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0534
EC-FCCCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1013
EC-HSICessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0409
F-GUAOCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1003(ex SP-KFT/N87147)
G-NOSECessna 402B Utililiner402B0823
HA-ACGCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1222
HA-ACNCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1037
HB-LHWCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0926
HC-BCOCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1062
HC-BDECessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1096
HI559Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0452
HI932Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0892(ex YV) (ex N5205J)
HK-2522Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0322
HK-2574PCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0348
HK-2658Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0475
HK-4247Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0626(ex N63TA)
HK-4286Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0202canx as N471A 5/02 as exported to Panama
HK-4288Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1320(ex 8R-GRB)
HK-4290XCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0427(ex N717A 4/03)
HK-4293Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0602(ex N6878L)
HK-4309Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0346(ex N346RC/5Y-FBA)
HK-4353Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1038(ex J8-VAQ)
HK-4417Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0020(ex XC-DER)
HK-4421Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0242(ex N408JS/C-GINR)
HK-4611Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0544
HK-4612Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1244(ex N762EA)
HK-4629Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0004(ex N470A)
HK-4741Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1069(ex N98764)
HK-4807Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0545
HK-4840Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0526
HK-4901Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0626(ex N98SV/C-GZAS)
HK-4933Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0320
HK-4972Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1234ex YV276T, N4188G
HK-5012Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0825(ex N402BV) (ex N33NC)
HK-5062Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0491(ex HP-996)
HK-5126Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0842(ex N402CA)
HK-5127Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1220(ex F-OIXB, V2-LEW)
HK-5131Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1363(EX N132JR)
HK-5134Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0348(ex N5073Q)
HP-1592Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0120(ex N145RC/6V-AHI)
HR-AVXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0608(ex N402WJ/XB-DYE/XC-AAB)
HR-AWSCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0069(ex N390TM/C-GCXF)
HR-AYBCessna 402C Bus/ liner
HS-SPACessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0121
J5-GTACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0805(ex N1233T)
LQ-JTBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0036
LQ-JZCCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0107
LV-JSZCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0037
LV-JTACessna 402B Bus/ Liner402B0038Ex LV-PQE
LV-JTSCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0022
LV-MITCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1315
LZ-CCBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0581
N8FBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1372
N18VVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0619
N30RACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0609(ex N687CA)
N32TFCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0932
N42AACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0238ex N407BK
N42MGCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0320
N55LPCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0401
N57PBCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0300
N69SCCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0041
N75GBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0912
N76MDCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1055
N83PBCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0350
N87CGCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0883
N106CACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C1020
N119PACessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0610(ex YV????/N119PA)
N120PCCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0079
N141MCCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0547
N145TTCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1333
N160PBCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0493
N161TACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0070
N167WACessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1044
N196CACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0116(ex N2711X)
N205CACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0207(ex N2713X)
N223PBCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0105
N246MPCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0272(ex N236C)
N247GSCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0637
N256CACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0606
N258PBCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0336
N267CACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0030(ex N305AT)
N270RCCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0269(ex ZS-LPD)
N275RCCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0117(ex HR-AVZ) (ex N27115)
N300FDCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1359
N300SNCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0060
N303DCCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0303
N318AACessna 402B Bus / liner402B0854
N322HACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0418(ex PT-LZG)
N346CHCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0029(ex VP-AAN, N275RC, 5H-ZAZ)
N347ABCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0347
N350SPCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0580
N375RCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0468
N385CACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C-0111
N401NACessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0035
N401SXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0447
N401TJCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0109
N402AFCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1337
N402AJCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0884(ex N884RC)
N402BCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1305
N402BKCessna 402B Bus/ liner689
N402CZCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0213
N402GZCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0314
N402JHCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0500ex N519RC
N402LSCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0086
N402MCCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C1015
N402MYCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0109
N402NKCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1054(ex N98702)
N402NXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1061Ex N98713
N402PACessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0329
N402RZCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0414
N402SSCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0562
N402VNCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0488
N402VPCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0025(ex 9Q-CYY)
N403AJCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0305
N404PJCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0513
N406GACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0329
N406RCCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0470(ex N6838A)
N409BKCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0651
N420HLCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0335
N441TTCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0441
N477RSCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0477
N494BCCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0308
N499CACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C1006
N502GBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1303(ex YV222T, N678AR, XB-DRA)
N514NCCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0514
N524CACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0522
N525RHCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0525
N598DMCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0114
N618CACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0620
N624CACessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0876
N660CACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0406
N660WCessna 402B Businessliner402B0828
N663AACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0123
N676MFCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0106
N678JGCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0266( YV ntu) ex C-FAFB
N681RCCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0002
N706CACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0095(ex N402MQ)
N740CACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0277(ex N402NS/N814PW)
N751CACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0217(ex N402AT/(HK- ntu?)/N2716B)
N763EACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0497
N764EACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0237
N769EACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0303
N771EACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0046
N780MBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0249
N800KWCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1063
N810BWCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0279
N812ANCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0229
N818ANCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0501
N836GWCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1242
N890CACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0006(ex N4643N)
N900CRCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1356(ex N6397X)
N903CACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0047(ex N5820C)
N934JPCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0934(Ex OH-CGV)
N991AACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0317
N997TACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0231(ex XB-BHZ)
N1055Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0249(ex C-GCGQ)
N1361GCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0270
N1376GCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0271
N2610GCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0064
N2613BCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0083
N2614LCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0092
N2615GCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0101
N2615QCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0321
N2649ZCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0333
N2651SCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0342
N2715TCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0214
N2718YCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0232
N2748YCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0248
N3249MCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0296
N3292MCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0304
N3729CCessna 402B Bus / liner402B0589
N3796CCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0803
N3813Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0807
N4165GCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1212
N4167GCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1214(ex HI970, N4167G)
N4169GCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1215
N4576LCessna 402 Bus/ liner402B0564
N4630NCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0001
N4652NCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0011
N4661NCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0019
N5040QCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0347
N5279JCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1202
N5373JCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0367
N5826CCessna 402C Businessliner402C0050
N5849CCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0052
N6375XCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1338
N6387XCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1350
N6396XCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1355
N6786RCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0428(ex N6788R)
N6838XCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1346Restored
N6839YCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0481
N6875DCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0511
N6879RCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0611
N6880ACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0616
N7037ECessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0471
N7875ECessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0432
N8091QCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0369
N8207QCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0387
N26150Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0111
N26156Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0112
N26514Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0344
N26632Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0404
N36911Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0314
N67786Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0631
N68379Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0469(ex N350RC, C-GHMW)
N68752Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0518
N69369Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0516
N72053Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0587
N87175Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1010
N88833Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0265
N98649Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1030
N98709Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1059
OB-1251Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0649
OB-1318Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0403
OB-1435Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0316
OB-1920-PCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0442 (ex N6790B)
OB-1921PCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0419(ex N23NC, OB-1921-P, N419RC)
OB-1991Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1330(ex N6367X)
PNC-250Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0307Peruvian National Police (ex OB-2042)
OH-CHSCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1082
OK-GEOCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0921(ex D-INAB)
OK-MISCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0327(ex D-IBIJ)
OK-VOMCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1243(ex N402CN/N577SW/G-DOBN)
P2-ALBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0006
P2-CBCCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0909
P2-COICessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0008
P2-KAACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0247
P2-NCDCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1027
P4-AVACessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1367parked engineless Oranjestad
P4-AVCCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0911
PH-RLYCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1231(ex CS-AZW)
PJ-BMVCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0865
PK-AGDCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0398
PK-DCJCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0615
PK-DCKCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0627
PK-DCZCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0890
PK-WLWCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0555
PK-WLXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0549
PK-WLYCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0541
PP-ATSCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0372
PP-ATTCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0631
PR-BGVCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0887(ex N5200J)
PT-ITKCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0374
PT-IUWCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0380
PT-IUXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0378
PT-JBDCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0404
PT-JGHCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0441
PT-JIZCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0393
PT-JJBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0399
PT-JRRCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0448
PT-JRSCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0451
PT-JRTCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0552
PT-JRUCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0453
PT-JTZCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0532
PT-JYKCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0530
PT-LITCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0302
PT-LKBCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0118
PT-LKCCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0850
PT-LKZCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1074
PT-OEGCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1245
PT-OPGCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0604
PT-OPICessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0406
RA-0358GCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0208
RA-0675GCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0018
RP-CCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0826(ex N3949C)
RP-C1994Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0509
RP-C3777Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0456
RP-C8090Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1317(ex N6350X)
RP-C8825Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0628
SE-GEHCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1351
ST-AGUCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1058
TC-CAYCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1073
TC-ZTPCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0412
TC-ZTRCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0421
TC-ZVJCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1084
TF-JVBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0875
TG-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0361
TJ-AGYCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1035
TN-ACHCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0229
TN-ACYCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0810
TR-LBUCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C1007
TR-LEBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1078
TR-LPYCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0111
TR-LYPCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0065
TU-TJKCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1210
V5-MJMCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0066
V5-POECessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0437(ex V5-SOS/V5-AAS)
V5-SQICessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1353(ex D2-MDY) (ex D2-FFW)
V5-WAECessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0430
VH-AIICessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0278
VH-ARJCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0629
VH-AZOCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0508
VH-BEMCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0590
VH-BIZCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0622
VH-BYNCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1328
VH-CAJCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0026
VH-CYTCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0293(ex VH-OKZ/ZS-NCZ)
VH-FFJCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1016
VH-HMGCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C1002
VH-HORCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0108
VH-IGUCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1070
VH-JOHCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0486
VH-JOVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0087
VH-KCLCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0597(ex JA5236)
VH-KEZCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0262
VH-KQACessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0567
VH-LAECessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0097
VH-LBBCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0283
VH-LKCCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0625
VH-LNXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0295(ex ZS-LNX)
VH-MLMCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0895
VH-NGPCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0644(ex N644MA/N89NB)
VH-NMQCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0451
VH-OADCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0014
VH-OVUCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0802(ex V5-???/ZS-PBO/C9-MEE)
VH-PEHCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0913
VH-RLXCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1047(ex VH-ZVG)
VH-ROSCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0038
VH-RUYCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0273
VH-SQLCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0326
VH-TANCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C1008
VH-TFKCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C1011
VH-TFMCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0067
VH-TFZCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0408
VH-THXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0250(ex PK-DCC)
VH-TIVCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0623
VH-TSICessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0492
VH-TZHCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0617
VH-UBFCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0013
VH-UBZCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0615
VH-UCDCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0049
VH-UCICessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0474
VH-UCMCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0472
VH-ZMECessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0422(ex P2-SIR)
VH-ZMGCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0263
VP-LADCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0115(ex N2616D)
VQ-TINCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0227(ex N68CT)
VQ-TRFCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0021(ex N402RR/N175RC/C-FTNZ)
XA-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1008(EX N87167)
XA-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0117(EX N707H)
XA-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1348
XA-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0419ex N23NC
XA-ACYCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0405
XA-AFFCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0462(ex N906WJ )
XA-BUICessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0847
XA-DFPCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0414
XA-FALCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0205
XA-FILCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0846
XA-FIQCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0923
XA-IEKCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0605
XA-IUHCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0084
XA-IULCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0091
XA-JANCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0113
XA-JEUCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0234
XA-KIXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0309
XA-KOCCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0301
XA-LEUCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0219
XA-OSGCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1336
XA-PAGCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1327
XA-RKMCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0904
XA-SATCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0312
XA-SAZCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1241
XA-SBICessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1383
XA-SBLCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1250
XA-SCHCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1331
XA-SKNCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0359
XA-TUTCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0612(ex N402AT 2002)
XA-UFFCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1217(FAA has -)(ex N403PB) 2006
XA-UHCCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1203(ex N4153G) 2005
XA-VARCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1311
XB-BHMCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0103
XB-DFLCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0860
XB-DZWCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1205
XB-ECDCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0489(ex N12298)
XB-EFJCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1071
XB-EJJCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0291
XB-ERHCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0307
XB-EWACessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0102
XB-EYMCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0299
XB-FPICessna 402C Bus/ liner402C1018
XB-GFACessna 402 Bus/ liner402C0416
XB-GKFCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1230(ex XA-RAW)
XB-GLLCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0312(ex XB-FTC/XA-KAU)
XB-GRTCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1373(ex XB-ALE)
XB-HERCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0088(ex XB-EFG)
XB-JJYCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1007(ex XB-ETK)
XB-KMLCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0546
XB-KNQCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1334 (ex N402CC) 2007
XB-KRWCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0448(ex XB-FXW)
XB-KTXCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0062(ex N5873C)
XB-LNICessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0577
XB-MMQCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0632(ex XB-KNO) (ex XB-FXH)
XB-VEBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0619
XB-ZUYCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0331
XC-HARCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0520
XC-NVJCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0479(ex XC-HAX)
AMT-240Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0482 (ex AMP-123, XC-DFB) Armada de Mexico
YU-BIICessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0352
YVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0527(ex YV-2264P)
YVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0460(ex N402CG/YV1379/YV-749CP)
YVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0457(ex YV-2033P)
YVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0434(ex YV-142P)
YVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0335(ex N553AE) 2008
YVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0331(ex YV-22CP)
YVCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0878(ex N29854)
YVCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0864(ex N3997C) 2008
YVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0306(ex YV-1972P)
YVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0261(ex N816PW)
YVCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0833(ex YV-448P)
YVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0243(ex YV-111P)
YVCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0832(ex YV-342P)
YVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0099(ex YV-103P)
YVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0081(ex YV-476C)
YVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0018(ex N2411C/TZ-AMB)
YVCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1341(ex YV-1451P)
YVCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0607(ex N402RM)
YV-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1053(ex N98697) 2005
YV-Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0801ex N1233G, VH-VDK, PK-DCY
YV-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0633(ex N3793C)
YV-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0239(ex YV2722P)
YV-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0315
YV-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0558
YV-Cessna 402B Bus/ Liner402B0608EX N3750C
YVOCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0231
YVOCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0301
YV237TCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0505
YV277TCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1024(ex N98635)
YV347PCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0240
YV354TCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1208(ex N7162K)
YV355TCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1226(ex N5550K)
YV439PCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0542
YV960PCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0557
YV1028Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0898(ex YV-100P)
YV1052Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0594(ex YV-295P)
YV1072Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0808(ex YV-825P)
YV1114Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0814(ex N3826C)
YV1138Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1224 (ex YV-1173P)
YV1256Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0429(ex YV-40P)
YV1272Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0315(ex YV-2349P)
YV1425Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0896(ex YV-617C/YV-44P)
YV1426Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1374(ex YV-560CP)
YV1448Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0920
YV1503Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0059(ex YV-1765P)
YV1587Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0510(ex YV-2101P)
YV1592Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0611(ex YV-2600P/YV-643CP)
YV1650Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1095(ex YV-171CP)
YV1680Cessna 402B Bus/ Liner402B1225Ex N4179G
YV1773Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0124(ex YV-??/N6790C canx 9/01 )
YV1805Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0509(ex YV-2681P)
YV1815Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0917(ex YV-1106CP)
YV1823Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1349(ex YV-2750P)
YV1896Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0082(ex YV-2504P/YV-874CP/YV-1702P)
YV2050Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0017(ex YV-2089P)
YV2091Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0459(ex YV-2531P)
YV2112Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0238
YV2127PCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0005
YV2131Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1237(ex YV-1265P)
YV2155Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0311
YV2216Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0289(ex YV-1896P)
YV2233Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1100(ex YV-2650P/YV-2300P)
YV2313PCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0370
YV2321Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0211
YV2335Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0831(ex N10QP)
YV2562Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B-0520
YV2600Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1072(ex N1551G)
YV2626Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0426
YV2658Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0435
YV2659Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0341
YV2665Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1323(ex N60LD)
YV2687Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1048(ex N402DD/N98685)
GN-7948Cessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0104Guardia Nacional de Venezuala
Z-WJRCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0806
Z-WRBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0032
ZK-MAPCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1056
ZK-PVCCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0559
ZK-SVQCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0601(ex VH-SVQ)
ZK-VADCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0076
ZP-Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0310
ZP-BEECessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0614(ex N1368T)
ZP-PVNCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0523
ZP-TWACessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0618
221Cessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1360Paraguayan Air Force
ZS-ALVCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0029
ZS-APZCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0232
ZS-ILBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0206
ZS-JBMCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0830
ZS-JCGCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0880
ZS-JNBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1029
ZS-JNKCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1017
ZS-KIZCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0222
ZS-KNGCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0287
ZS-KNLCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0646
ZS-LKHCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0478
ZS-LMYCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0635
ZS-LNGCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C1005
ZS-LNHCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0224(restored ex A2-MRI)
ZS-LWVCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1223
ZS-LXBCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0513
ZS-LXYCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0453
ZS-MBHCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0381
ZS-MGYCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1379
ZS-MPCCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0426
ZS-MPRCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C1017
ZS-MSHCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0466
ZS-MZZCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0506
ZS-NEOCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0288
ZS-NFGCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0487
ZS-NLUCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0517
ZS-NMVCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0201
ZS-NPNCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0925
ZS-NVECessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0033
ZS-OALCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0553
ZS-OFPCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B1046
ZS-OJWCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0601
ZS-OLICessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0244
ZS-OMHCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0113
ZS-ORFCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0637
ZS-PBNCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0636(ex C9-MEC)
ZS-PCRCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0055(ex C9-MEA - still marked as such Apr09)
ZS-PPYCessna 402C Bus/ liner402C1010(ex J2-MAH)
ZS-RANCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0439
ZS-RGRCessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0554
ZS-VSACessna 402B Bus/ liner402B0408
ZS-WRICessna 402C Bus/ liner402C0610(ex Z-WRI)
ZU-FZKCessna 402 Falcon402-1011
ZU-MDICessna 402B Falcon402B0207(ex ZS-MDI) Converted to Single Engine Falcon
ZU-MIACessna 402 Falcon402-1007