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British Isles Civil Aircraft RegisterBritish Isles Civil Aircraft Register

Published Annually

The 39th edition of the LAAS British Isles Civil Register was published in February 2018.

BICR 2018, contains detailed information for over 23,000 aircraft currently registered in the United Kingdom (G-), Republic of Ireland (EI-), Isle of Man (M-), Guernsey (2-) and Jersey (ZJ). Along with the aircraft registration BICR lists types, construction numbers, former identities, owner information and probable base.


Corporate Jet And Turboprop Aircraft of the WorldCorporate Jet And Turboprop Aircraft of the World

Published Annually & Free to LAAS Members

Published in February 2018,Corporate Jet And Turboprop Aircraft of the World includes all business jet and turbo prop executive aircraft registered at time of publication. Also included are confirmed orders and approved reservations.

The information is updated weekly on this website with monthly summaries published in the LAAS magazine, Aviation News & Review.


British Isles Civil Aircraft Easy ReferenceBritish Isles Civil Aircraft Easy Reference

Published Annually & Free to LAAS Members

The popular easy reference companion of the British Isle Civil Register. Containing all the information of the full BICR edition, but in an abriged format making it easy to carry around with you while on your spotting travels.


Foreign Registered Aircraft resident in the UKForeign Registered Aircraft based in The United Kingdom

Published Biannually & Free to LAAS Members

Listing all aircraft which are know to be based in the United Kingdom but are not on the British, Irish or Isle of Man registers. Base information is also provided so you know where you are likely to see any particular aircraft.

Wrecks and relics are included where the airframe is substantially intact or stored with a view to restoration.

Information is updated around the 25th of each month on the LAAS website and included in the Ports of Call section of Aviation News & Review.


Aviation news & ReviewAviation News & Review

Published Monthly & Free to LAAS Members

Aviation News & Review is the definitive aviation enthusiasts publication and is delivered to each member as part of their subscription to LAAS International.


Civil Aircraft Register of Continental Europe 2008Civil Aircraft Register of Continental Europe

First published in 1984, the 23rd edition of he LAAS International register was published in June 2015. The new edition follows the tried and tested format to maintain the registers of all the European and Middle East aircraft. Included for the first time are the registers for Kyrgyzstan (EX-) and the Isle of Man (M-).

The registers included are mainly obtained from official sources, except where this information is not available, where all known information is listed.

Regular updates to the European registers appear in the monthly LAAS magazine, Aviation News & Review.