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Complementing the Ports of Call section in Aviation News & Review. Each month the information published in Aviation News & Review will be updated on this section of the LAAS International web site to provide comprehensive UK airport information. All information provided is checked for accuracy and to the best of our knowledge is correct.

Please use the information provided in this section sensibly and do not enter any airfield without prior permission from the owners or authorities at each respective location.

The Ports of Call Web Site Explained

For each UK airport, airfield or airstrip the Ports of Call web site will display some of the following information:

Location - Latitude and Longitude.

Satellite map of the local area.

Known issues or procedures to aid the spotter while not causing difficulties for pilots or airfield operators.

An indication of who owns the airfield e.g. BAE Systems, RAF, etc.

Major operators. This is often provided in the form of a website hyperlink.

Links to local websites – spotters websites which give movements and/or other information. Only free or free subscription sites are included.

Links to major operators websites for background information and contact details for arranging visits.

Directions to the airfield.

A summary of the UK & Ireland registered civil aircraft based at the start of the year as published in our British Isles Civil Register.

Extracts from the Ports of Call section published monthly in Aviation News & Review.

Ports of Call Downloads

Acrobat The LAAS British Isles Airfield Guide


The following downloads are available for you to evaluate. Please make sure you read the instructions carefully before installing. We welcome any comments and will provide support where we can at


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