LAAS International

LAAS Current Corporate Jet Register


RegistrationAircraft TypeConstruction NumberNotes
CANXRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-56(ex N22NB)
CANXRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-132(w/o ex XB-KLQ) (ex XB-MMW)
CANXRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-134(ex N282WW)
CANXRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-1(ex N359WJ)
CANXNA-265 Sabre 60306-48(ex N4NT)
CANXRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-51(ex N60JC)
CANXRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-80(ex N61FB)
CP-2317Sabre 40A282-136
HC-NA-265 Sabre 60306-135(ex N921MB)
043Sabre 40AR282-43Fuerza A�rea Ecuatoriana
047Sabre 40A282-109Fuerza A�rea Ecuatoriana
049NA-265 Sabre 60306-68Fuerza A�rea Ecuatoriana
I-RELTNA-265 Sabre 40A282-133
LV-WXXNA-265 Sabre 60306-91
AE-175NA-265 Sabre 75A380-13Ejercito Argentino (Argentine Army)
N1LTNA-265 Sabre 75A380-59
N2NLNA-265 Sabre 65465-63
N4LGNA-265 Sabre 60306-9Instructional Airframe Greenville
N6GVNA-265 Sabre 65465-9
N7KGNA-265 Sabre 40A282-111
N10LXRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-59
N11LXRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-75
N25VCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-15(ex N465TS)
N33JWRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-92
N33TRRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-47
N35CQRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-59(ex N35CC)
N39CBRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60A306-116
N39FSNA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-33
N39RGNA-265 Sabre 40A282-82
N40GTNA-265 Sabre 40A282-126
N40NJNA-265 Sabre 40A282-134(ex N134JJ/XB-MVG)
N41RGRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60A306-119(ex N109MC)
N42DCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-25(ex N812WN)
N43WLNA-265 Sabre 40282-15Cert Expired 6/13 (ex N43W)
N44DDRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-146 (ex N31CR)
N47SERockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-34
N57MQRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-11
N58HTRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-70
N59KRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-82
N64DHNA-265 Sabre 40A282-52
N65AKRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-35
N65BTRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-3(ex N1CF)
N65HHRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-1
N65JRRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-23(ex XA-???/N223LB)
N65MCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-36
N65MLRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-69
N65SRRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-54
N65TRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-43(ex N955PR)
N66GERockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-28(ex N24RF)
N69WURockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-51Cert Expired 3/13 (ex N114LG)
N70HLRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-102
N70SKRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-33(ex N265VP) (ex VP-CBG/N265C)
N71CCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60A306-71
N74BJRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-44(ex N7NR)
N74VCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-17
N75VCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-71
N77GURockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-12(ex N73TJ)
N86CPRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-76
N88NA-265 Sabre 40A282-88with tech college, Newport Mews, VA
N88BFRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-60
N95TLRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-13(ex N945CCn)
N96RERockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-52
N100EJRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-1(N200UN ntu)
N109SBRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-20(ex N773W)
N110AJRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-70
N115CRRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-43
N117JWRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-61
N123CDNA-265 Sabre 40A282-23Cert Expired 6/13
N124SDRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-2Cert Expired 3/12 (ex N624DS/N45H)
N124VCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-95(ex N124DC)
N141SLRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-141
N143DZRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-142(ex N700MH)
N160WNA-265 Sabre 40A282-101
N168WNA-265 Sabre 40A282-33
N173ARockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-20
N211BRNA-265 Sabre 40A282-99(ex N12BW)
N234DCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-103
N247CSRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-27(ex N4CS)
N265CPRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-48(ex N265SP)
N265DSRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-45(ex N65DR)
N265KCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 80A380-49Cert Expired 9/13
N265SCNA-265 Sabre 40A282-117
N265WSRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-62(ex N65AF)
N307STRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-46(ex N65CC)
N316EQRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-38
N329ZNA-265 Sabre 65465-32(ex HB-VCN)
N333NMNA-265 Sabre 40A282-45Cert Expired 3/13
N336RJRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-10
N355CDRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-57
N376DRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-76(ex N65L)
N378DRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60A306-101(ex N376D)
N395GARockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-65
N399PNA-265 Sabre 40A282-87believed with Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics
N400RSRockwell NA-265 Sabre 80380-25
N424RRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-15
N430MPNA-265 Sabre 40A282-113Cert Expired 12/12
N432CCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-6 (ex N2CC/(N652CC ntu)/N41CQ)
N442RMRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-73
N448WRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-63
N465BCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-53(ex N80RN/N80R)
N465NHRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-37(ex YV415T) (ex N750CC)
N465SCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-30(ex N65TC)
N468RBRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-133
N499NHRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-56
N570RRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-75
N601GLRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-50(ex XB-FSZ)
N607CFRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-118
N616TRRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-23(ex N85HS)
N651MKRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-73
N670ACRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-31(ex N265M)
N670CRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A370-7 Cert Terminated (N272HS ntu)( XA- ntu)
N670HRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-58(ex N670AS)
N697USRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-49(ex N82CR)
N700AURockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-112(Ex CC-CTC, N740RC, N740R, N2107J)
N700JCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-74
N701FWRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-21
N770MDRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-26(ex N488DM)
N774WRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-37Cert Expired 9/13
N799MWRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-42(ex N875CA)
N800CDRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-23Cert Expired 6/11
N800MRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-41
N801FTRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-16(ex N12659)
N802FTRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-33(ex N7148J)
N804PARockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-4
N825SBNA-265 Sabre CT-39E282-92
N850CCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-38(N4LQ ntu)
N888UPRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-68(ex N6NR/N930RA)
N921CCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-67
N929CGRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-52(ex N929GC/(N929CG ntu)/N34NG)
N933JCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-72Cert Expired 12/13
N964CRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-66
N990PARockwell NA-265 Sabre 65306-114(ex N990PT/N65RN/N65R)
N995RDRockwell NA-265 Sabre 80A380-9Cert Expired 9/13
N2700Rockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-7(ex N2000)
N8052VNA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-18(ex 60-3490) with South Seattle Community College
N8500NA-265 Sabre 40A282-108
N11887Rockwell NA-265 Sabre 80A380-4
N32010NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-83(EX 61-0680) INSTRUCTIONAL AIRFRAME WITH CMOU
59-2868NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-1preserved Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque NM
59-2870NA-265 Sabre NT-39A265-3stored at AMARC
59-2872NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-5Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
59-2873NA-265 Sabre T-39B270-1preserved China Lake
59-2874NA-265 Sabre T-39B270-2Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
60-3474NA-265 Sabre T-39B270-3Preserved at Edwards AFB
60-3475NA-265 Sabre T-39B270-4Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
60-3476NA-265 Sabre T-39B270-5Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
60-3477NA-265 Sabre T-39B270-6Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
60-3478NA-265 Sabre NT-39A265-6stored at AMARC
60-3479NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-7Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
60-3480NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-8Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
60-3481NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-9Aircraft believed to be with a tech college, Eugene OR
60-3483NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-11preserved Travis AFB, CA
60-3489NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-17Aircraft outside a college nr Houston-Hobby TX
60-3491NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-19Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
60-3492NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-20Aircraft believed to be with a tech college, Thief River Falls MN
60-3493NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-21Moses Lake, WA for instructional use ex AMARC
60-3494NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-22Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
60-3495NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-23preserved Scott AFB, IL
60-3496NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-24believed still at Douglas-Cochise, AZ
60-3500NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-28Aircraft believed to be with a tech college, Longview TX
60-3501NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-29Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
60-3503NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-31preserved Air Classics Museum, Aurora IL
60-3504NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-32preserved Oakland Aviation Museum
60-3505NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-33preserved Edwards AFB, CA
60-3507NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-35Outside a college by LAX painted as N3507W (opposite Wyndham Hotel)
61-0634NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-37preserved Dyess AFB, TX
61-0635NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-38at Lafayette, LA
61-0636NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-39Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
61-0637NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-40Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
61-0641NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-44Aircraft believed to be with a tech college, Rockford IL
61-0642NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-45Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
61-0643NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-46Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
61-0647NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-50Aircraft believed to be with a tech college, Costa Mesa, GA
61-0649NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-52Fuerza Area de Chile
61-0650NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-53Fuerza Area de Chile
61-0651NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-54Aircraft believed to be with a tech college SC
61-0652NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-55Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
61-0653NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-56Aircraft believed to be with a tech college, San Fransisco CA
61-0656NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-59Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
61-0657NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-60Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
61-0660NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-63Fuerza Area de Chile
61-0665NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-68Fuerza Area de Chile
61-0666NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-69Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
61-0669NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-72Aircraft believed to be preserved with a college
61-0674NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-77preserved Hill AFB, UT
61-0676NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-79Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
61-0677NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-80Aircraft believed to be with tech college, Helena MT
61-0678NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-81Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
61-0681NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-84preserved Michigan Inst. of Aerodynamics
61-0682NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-85Aircraft believed to be with a tech college, Dowagiac MI
61-0685NA-265 Sabre CT-39A265-88preserved US Army Aviation Museum, Ft Rucker AL
62-4449NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-2preserved Pima County Museum, Tucson AZ
62-4452NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-5preserved Travis AFB, CA
62-4454NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-7Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
62-4456NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-9Outside Northrop College near LAX (1m north of 60-3507)
62-4457NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-10Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
62-4459NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-12Aircraft believed to be with a tech college, Tacoma WA
62-4461NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-14preserved Warner-Robins AFB, Macon GA
62-4463NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-16Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
62-4464NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-17Aircraft believed to be with a tech college, Salt Lake City UT
62-4465NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-18preserved March AFB, CA
62-4466NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-19Aircraft believed to be with a tech college, Detroit MI
62-4467NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-20at GTCC, Greensboro, NC
62-4470NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-23preserved Maxwell AFB, AL
62-4471NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-24preserved Ramstein AFB, Germany
62-4475NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-28Aircraft believed to be with a tech college, Milwaukee WI
62-4476NA-265 Sabre NT-39A276-29Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
62-4477NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-30Aircraft believed to be with a tech college, Milwaukee MI
62-4478NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-31preserved Wright-Patterson AFB
62-4483NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-36Aircraft believed to be with a tech college, Indian Hills IA
62-4484NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-37preserved Kadena AFB, Japan
62-4485NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-38preserved Yokota AFB, Japan
62-4492NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-45
62-4494NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-47preserved Chanute, IL
62-4498NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-51Aircraft believed to be with a tech college, Salt Lake City UT
62-4500NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-53Aircraft believed to be with tech college, Milwaukee, WI
62-4501NA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-54Aircraft believed to be with tech college, St Louis MO
bu150542NA-265 Sabre T-39D277-1stored China Lake, CA
bu150544NA-265 Sabre T-39D277-3Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu150546NA-265 Sabre T-39D277-5Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu150549NA-265 Sabre T-39D277-8Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu150972NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-4stored at NAS Pensecola
bu150973NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-5Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu150974NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-6Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu150975NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-7Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu150976NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-8Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu150978NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-10Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu150979NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-11Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu150980NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-12Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu150981NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-13Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu150982NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-14Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu150983NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-15Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu150984NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-16Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu150985NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-17preserved Pensecola, FL
bu150986NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-18preserved Warner-Robins AFB, Macon GA
bu150987NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-19preserved NAS Patuxent River, MD
bu150988NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-20Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu150989NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-21stored China Lake, CA
bu150990NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-22Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu150991NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-23Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu150992NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-24believed stored at China Lake, CA
BU151337NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-26wfu Townsend Bombing Ranges
bu151338NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-27preserved Southern Museum of Flight, Birmingham, AL
bu151339NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-28preserved NAS Pensecola, FL
bu151341NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-30Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu151342NA-265 Sabre T-39D285-31Aircraft believed to be at technical college, Milwaukee WI
bu157353NA-265 Sabre CT-39E282-84Aircraft believed still at AMARC, Davis-Monthan
bu158380NA-265 Sabre CT-39E282-95
bu158844NA-265 Sabre CT-39G306-55Stored DM (AMARG)
bu159364NA-265 Sabre CT-39G306-69
bu159365NA-265 Sabre CT-39G306-70
bu160053NA-265 Sabre CT-39G306-104Stored DM
bu160054NA-265 Sabre CT-39G306-105
bu160056NA-265 Sabre CT-39G306-107preserved Pensecola
bu165509NA-265 Sabre T-39N282-9
bu165510NA-265 Sabre T-39N282-81Stored AMARG
bu165511NA-265 Sabre T-39N282-29Stored DM (AMARG)
bu165512NA-265 Sabre T-39N282-2Stored AMARG
bu165514NA-265 Sabre T-39N282-30
bu165515NA-265 Sabre T-39N282-72
bu165516NA-265 Sabre T-39N282-90
bu165517NA-265 Sabre T-39N282-61
bu165518NA-265 Sabre T-39N282-77Stored AMARG
bu165519NA-265 Sabre T-39N282-19
bu165520NA-265 Sabre T-39N282-32
bu165521NA-265 Sabre T-39N282-94
bu165523NA-265 Sabre T-39N282-20Stored AMARG Wears titles 100 Years of Navy
RF-14423Rockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-13(ex RA-3077K)
86001NA-265 Sabre 40A282-49Swedish AF
86002NA-265 Sabre 40A282-91Swedish AF
XA-Rockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-51(EX N380CF)
XA-Rockwell NA-265 Sabre 60A306-109(ex N60SQ) (ex XA-SBV)
XA-Rockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-54(ex N380FP) (ex N910BH)
XA-Rockwell NA-265 Sabre 80A380-21(ex N380MS) (ex N82AF)
XA-AOVRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-60(ex N60SL)
XA-APCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-16(ex XC-LNI) (EX XA-APC) (EX N75HE/N75HL/N603MA)
XA-ATERockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-123
XA-CYSNA-265 Sabre 40A282-79(ex N111AC)
XA-DSCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-56
XA-GAPRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-8
XA-INMRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-24EX N22CS/N271MB
XA-JDNNA-265 Sabre 40A282-24(ex N8AF)
XA-JMLRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-125
XA-JRFRockwell NA-265 Sabre 80A380-32
XA-LEDRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-121(EX N789SG)
XA-LMANA-265 Sabre 40A282-137(ex N881DM)
XA-LMLNA-265 Sabre 40A282-115
XA-RAPRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-88
XA-RVTRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-138
XA-RYJRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75370-5
XA-SPMRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-14
XA-SSVRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-140(ex N26SQ 7/2004)
XA-SVGRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-97(ex N15DJ)
XA-TMFRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-100
XA-TQRNA-265 Sabre CT-39A276-4(ex N31403 4/02)
XA-TSZRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-71
XA-UEYNA-265 Sabre 40A282-112(ex XA-UBG/N40ZA)
XA-UGBNA-265 Sabre 40A282-102(ex XB-JKV/XA-PIH)
XA-UJWRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-20(ex XC-AAJ/XA-TLL)
XA-UNVNA-265 Sabre 40A282-114(ex XB-MDG/XB-RGO)
XA-UOORockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-7(ex XB-KPC/XB-HDL)
XA-URIRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-143(ex XA-TPU)
XA-XPARockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-18(ex N696US)
XB-ACDRockwell NA-265 Sabre 80A380-50(ex XA-ACD)
XB-CYARockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-53(ex N827SL)
XB-EGONA-265 Sabre 40A282-124(ex XA-TYZ/N70ES/N20ES )
XB-ETVRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-96
XB-FMBRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-90(ex N265MK)
XB-GSPRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-55
XB-HJSRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-110
XB-IHBNA-265 Sabre 40A282-63(ex XA-AFW)
XB-IYSRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60A306-6(ex XA-SMF)
XB-IZRRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-42(ex XA-VEL)
XB-JMRRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-35
XB-JTGRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-127(ex XA-CUR)
XB-JVPNA-265 Sabre 40A282-128(EX XB-JPS) (EX N99114)
XB-JYZRockwell NA-265 Sabre 80A380-48(ex N100BP)
XB-KQYRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-83(ex XA-RLL)
XB-LVARockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-144MEXICAN NAVY (EX AMT-204XC-UJF)
XB-MBVRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-63(ex XA-TSS)
XB-MDORockwell NA-265 Sabre 60A306-124(ex N48WS)
XB-MMNRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-72(ex XA-PRO/XA-GIH)
XB-MQNRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-126(ex XA-TGA/N111F)
XB-MRURockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-86(EX XB-KSL) (EX XA-ICK)
XB-MXGRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-93(ex XB-IXJ) (ex XA-JCE)
XB-MXURockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-98(EX XA-GUR) (EX N531AB)
XB-MYPRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-50(ex N920DY by 3/05)
XB-NOARockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-128(ex XA-CUN/XB-SOL/XA-SJM)
XB-PCJRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-87
XB-PTCRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-72(ex N465SP)
XB-RGORockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-34(ex AMT-203/MTX-04) Mexican Navy
XB-RRMRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-47(EX N33RZ)
XB-RSHRockwell NA-265 Sabre 65465-22 (ex N889RA/N883RA)
XB-ULFRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-129
XC-AA89Rockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-46Put up for Auction in Dec 12 result unknown
XC-CAMRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-145(ex XC-JDC)
XC-DDARockwell NA-265 Sabre 75380-34
XC-HGYRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-38
XC-KKBRockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-58(EX XA-UEQ, N8276D, XA-GHR)
XC-LMPRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-113(EX XA-TVZ)
XC-UJSRockwell NA-265 Sabre 60306-139(ex Mexican AF TP103) Apparently wears XC-UJE under one wing
XC-UJURockwell NA-265 Sabre 75A380-68(ex TP102) preserved military barracks outside Mexico City
YV225TNA-265 Sabre 40A282-120(ex N73DR)
YV265TRockwell NA-265 Sabre 80380-2(ex N406PW)
YV338TRockwell NA-265 Sabre 80A380-44(ex N380GK)
YV2871Sabre 40A282-98(EX YV416T) (EX N767JH)