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Access to Breighton

Note, that although we are welcome at Breighton, access is only possible by becoming a member of their Museum Club. This costs £25.00 per annum (about £5.00 per fly-in) and you can bring friends and family along too and visit any weekend, not just on the fly-in dates. Access to all areas is allowed for logging and photograping the aircraft. See for further details

CDG Photo Passes

The contact is You need to supply the proposed dates of your visit and attach a scan of the ID page in your passport. Mine was returned (as a letter) within 7 days. M.Huby is generally very quick in replying but his email is in French so a basic knowledge of the language helps. I wrote in English and that was fine.
As far as I am aware the permit is only required for CDG, there is no similar requirement for the viewing area at ORY but I always carried the permit just in case. The deck at ORY is used by the airport security and police for cigarette and coffee breaks and nobody bothered me.
As far as travel between the 2 airports goes, the quickest way is to catch the Air France inter-airport coach but you can use the RER and you need to get off at Antony Station to catch the OrlyVAL which runs direct into ORY and is well signposted.
Hope this information is helpful

Alan McGreen