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Aircraft Registration Database Lookup : Registration database. Search by registration, selcal and Mode-S.

Aberdeen Airport Movements & Info : Martin Wilson's comprehensive Aberdeen movements archive.

Business Jet Photos : The web site of business jet aviation photographer Dan Hanson.

Channel Islands Aviation : The Aviation website serving the Channel Islands.

Farnborough Aviation Group : The website for Farnborough area aviation enthusiasts.

Gatwick Aviation Society : The site for aviation enthusiasts in the Gatwick area.

Heathrow & Gatwick Airport Movements : Comprehensive movements archive.

Lanzarote Spotting : Spotting website for Arrecife airport. : Independent aviation photography site.

Ringway Publications : Covering the history of Manchester Airport.

The Aviation Society : TAS - Manchester based aviation society. Local news, rumours, trips & social events.

Trent Valley Aviation Society : The Trent Valley Aviation Society website covering Nottingham East Midlands airport.

UK Airports News : News and information for all UK airports collated in a single resource.

Unofficial Spanish Register of Civil Aircraft : Spanish register and general Spanish information.


The History of Traveling by Air : A series of articles covering to the history of air travel.


East Midlands Aviation Group : Mailing list with information on all aircraft flying to and from EMA & BHX.

European Spotters : European based aviation news, sightings and reports.

Heathrow Aviation Enthusiasts : Heathrow movement logs, news, daily what's due reports and SBS-1 reports.

London Luton Airport (EGGW) Spotters : Logs, rumours, timetables and sightings from Luton.

The Original Gatwick Spotters List : Gatwick movement reports, heads-ups, and airport news.


NATS Information : Extensive, official airfield data, airfield layout charts (free registration).

World Aero Data : Detailed data on airfields worldwide.

Pilot Magazine : UK and worldwide airfield data. Photo and map links.

UKGA : UK airfield information, map links, area maps of airfields.

MS Visual Earth : Photo links for UK active and disused airports, airfields, heliports and landing sites.

The CIX VFR Club : Details and photo of UK farm strips.

Chris Blackmun´s Aircraft Spotting : Detailed directions to airfields by car for UK and Europe, viewing locations, hotels.


The 'AirNet' Web Site : The comprehensive aviation alinks site.


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