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The friendly club welcoming all Aviation Enthusiasts – Aircraft Spotters – Photographers – Historians.

Monthly Club Magazine – All the latest aviation news – Airliners – Route Changes – Movement Reports – Airfield Reports – Comprehensive British Isles and European Register – Corporate Jets and Turbos news – Museums of the World – Display Reports – Soviet Airliners – Overseas Reports.

Specialist reference books – many provided free to Members.

World-wide Tour programme – visiting airports – museums – aviation places of interest in all continents.

Web site information – fast reference ‘look-up’ – Corporate Jets of the World – Corporate Turbos of the World – Foreign Registered aircraft based in the UK – Ports of Call including British Isles airfield, airport and strip listing complete with resident aircraft listings.

E Group – supplies instant contact with like minded enthusiasts.

Occasional organised airfield visits.

LAAS International Membership

Receive 12 copies of Aviation News and Review.

Plus 4 FREE publications which are – Easy Reference British Isles civil aircraft register – Foreign aircraft based in the UK – British Isles Airfield Guide – Corporate Jets of the World – Corporate Turbos of the World.

Annual General Meeting open to all members welcome and usually includes specially arranged airfield access.

LAAS International Publications

British Isles Civil Aircraft Register – detailed information for over 22,000 aircraft currently registered in the United Kingdom (G-), Republic of Ireland (EI-), Isle of Man (M-), Guernsey (2-) and Jersey (ZJ).

Historical Aircraft Register – CD format publication listing historic British Isles Aircraft Register history.

British Isles Airfield Guide - Helpful guide to airfield locations, residents and spotting tips & notices.


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